Recipes for Disaster

Cataclysmic Cooking workshop

Recipes for disaster

Home, garden and kitchen experiments, a sublime landscape, volcanoes spitting lava, trembling earthquakes, tsunamis.. Mixed, squeezed, baked and served for you live at Ruelles!

Dive into your cookbooks and share your secrets with us. Your grandmother taught you how to bake a cake without a raising agent like baking powder? Or how would you make a stew explode?

In the gallery space Pianofabriek.

Radio Ramona

She is the radio of the town

Gossip, storytelling and roaming around live to look for wavelengths resonating between bread, the universe, our urge to wander and ways of staying in touch

Can you read the stars?

do have a story about St-Gilles

A beautiful song about your home country

or do you know how to make a flat round bread?

Give me a clear signal

Tune in on


Collecting and recycling useless meaningful objects

Ruelles is looking for your used and useless objects, which have a special meaning for you. Tell us their story, how they traveled along with you, where they are gathering dust at this moment..

We will give them a new meaningful life.

Drop by on

Thursday from 16-18:00

and Friday from 10-13:00



The protocols of beginnings

How does a language class, a cooking session,a film, a workshop or a Kung Fu class begins? In May and June we will come and check out a maximum of Pianofabriek activities.

The sound of these beginnings will be recorded and shown in Ruelles.

Interested? Visit us during opening hours

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