Ruelles op de markt zat 15/06 object collect


Ruelles is op zoek naar uw gebruikte en nutteloze voorwerpen.
Die, voor jou een speciale betekenis hebben. Vertel ons hun verhaal,
welke reizen ze met jou maakten, waar ze nu staan te verpieteren,…
Wij blazen ze een nieuw, veelbelovend leven in.

Ruelles is looking for your used and useless, but meaningful objects; the ones which have a special meaning for you. Tell us their story, how they traveled along with you, where they are gathering dust at this moment.

We will give them a new life.

Please bring them up to Pianofabriek or  Sint Gillis Market on sat 15/06.


This weekend : Opening and Les Ruelles on the market

FRIDAY (16h-19h) in De Pianofabriek.

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You are all invited for small disasters and big chaos. Bring your outworn objects and be prepared for some sublime openings. Radio Ramona will play some ear cuddling sounds!


SATURDAY – On the market of St-Gillis


Ruelles will be exposing her goods on the market of Sint Gilles (from 9 on). On the menu : Exchanging flat bread worlds, demonstration of kitchen disasters, getting involved in Object Collect or just come and have a cup of thee or coffee.

We will be on Rue Fort, next to De Pianofabriek.